iScooter® i11 Front-Wheel Drive 350W Electric Scooter Max Speed 15.5mph(25km/h), Range 15.5miles, 8.5 inch Pneumatic Tires Dual Braking Systems with App

£399.59 £219.99
  • Powerful Motor: i11 electric scooters equipped with a high-end 350W brushless motor effectively reduce power consumption and extend vehicle life. A high-quality battery pack ensures battery safety. With an enormous 15.5 miles long range and 15.5 MPH top speed the i11 e-scooters can get you wherever you want to go faster than ever.
  • Smart "MiniRobot" APP Control: This electric scooter has a 5.0 Bluetooth system. You can control via APP: lock/unlock, light on, gear, start mode (zero start or non-zero start), set maximum speed, cruise control, etc. Warm Tip: please open GPS when you are connecting to the "MiniRobot" APP and get the most out of all its features.
  • Innovative design: The design of the cordless electric scooter is integrated, with smooth lines and exquisite craftsmanship. iScooter scooter adopts a more practical and intuitive design, bringing you a new way of traveling.
  • Intuitive LCD Dashboard: With the wider visualized LCD Dashboard, riders can see the battery level, speed, and temperature protection functions more clearly, enjoys your ride base on your needs.
  • Safe & Comfortable Riding: Features with 8.5-inch inner-support Pneumatic tires with high elasticity and front shock-absorbing provide maximum rider comfort, even on rough surfaces or speed bumps. i11 electric scooters also with an electronic brake and a back foot brake which highly improves safety when in use. Get there safer, avoid danger, and have fun doing it.
  • Long-range Battery: High capacity battery(7.5 Ah /36V) goes up to 15.5 miles on a single charge. (Range varies based on terrain, speed, and weight) it is very reliable to get to where you need to go. Smart Battery Management System assures battery safety and extends battery life.
  • Take it anywhere: An e-scooter that truly works for your lifestyle. With only 27 lbs weight, lighter and easily foldable means you can take it everywhere with you. i11 e-scooters also can be put in compact spaces, like the car truck, and it's also easy to carry and bring into the metro station, elevator, etc. By avoiding the crowds and getting there sooner, save your time and money and having fun.
  • LED Light System: iScooter electric scooter equipped with a double light system to make sure that you can see and be seen at night and keep the safety of the rider in the dark.
Max Speed 15.5mph(25km/h)
Max  Range  15.5miles(25km)
Battery Capacity 7500mAh
Net Weight 27.5 lbs(13.5kg)
Max Motor Power  350W
Max. Incline 20°
Tire size Front + Rear(8.5'')
Led Light Headlight, and Rear
Max Load (KG) 264.5 lbs(119kg)
App With App
Charging time 3-5h
Braking EBAS electronic brake
Dimensions Unfold: Length x Width x Height 42.9*41.7inch(1150*1060mm)
Dimensions Fold: Length x Width x Height 41.7*18.9inch(1060*480mm)
Recommended Age: 12+years
Required Height: 55.12~78.74inch(140~200cm)
Operating Temperature:  -10-50℃
Storage Temperature:  -10-50℃
IP Rating: IP54
Riding Modes: 6.21/15.5(10/25km/h)
Foldable: yes
Feature: Dual braking
Charge times ≥1000 times
Type Honeycomb tire
Price(GBP) £296.54 £329.54 £539.99 £579.54
Box gauge 1105*160*530 1155*160*530 1170*245*520 1170*245*520
Max Speed 15.5mph(25km/h) 15.5mph(25km/h) 28mph(45km/h) 28mph(45km/h)
Max Range 15.5miles(25km) 15.5miles(25km) 24.8miles(40km) 24.8miles(40km)
Battery Capacity 7.5Ah 7.5Ah 12.8Ah 13Ah
Net Weight 27.5 lbs(13.5kg) 27.5 lbs(13.5kg) 30.8 lbs(14kg) 41 lbs(18.6kg)
Max Motor Power 350W 350W 500W 600W
Max. Incline 20° 20° 35° 35°
Tire size 8.5 inches/21.6cm 8.5 inches/21.6cm 10 inches/25.4cm 10 inches/25.4cm
Led Light Headlight and Rear Headlight and Rear Headlight and Rear Side-Lights Headlight and Rear Side-Lights
Max Load (KG) 264.5 lbs(119kg) 264.5 lbs(119kg) 330 lbs(150kg) 330 lbs(150kg)
App With App With App Without App Without App
Charging time 3-5h 3-5h 4-6h 4-6h
Braking EBAS electronic brake + rear disc brake EBAS electronic brake + rear disc brake Disc brake + electronic brake EBAS electronic brake + rear disc brake
Dimensions Unfold:Length x Width x Height Approx:41.7*42.9inch(1060*1090mm) Approx:42.9*41.7inch(1150*1060mm) Approx:45.3*50.4inch(1150*1280mm) Approx:45.3*40.9-45.3*49.6inch(1150*1040-1150*1260mm)
Dimensions Fold: Length x Width x Height Approx:41.7*18.9inch(1060*480mm) Approx:41.7*18.9inch(1060*480mm) Approx:45.3*42.9inch(1150*500mm) Approx:45.28*19.69inch(1150*500mm)
Recommended Age: 12+years 12+years 18+years 18+years
Required Height: 55.1-78.74inch (140-200cm) 55.12~78.74inch(140~200cm) 55.1-78.7inch(140~200cm) 47.24~78.74inch(120~200cm)
Operating Temperature: -10~50℃ -10-50℃ -10-40℃ -10-40℃
Storage Temperature: -10~50℃ -10-50℃ -10-40℃ -15-45℃
IP Rating: IP54 IP54 IP54 IP64
Riding Modes: 9.3/12.4/18.6mph (15/20/30Km/h) 6.21/15.5/18.6mph(10/25/30km/h) 9.3/12.4/18.6mph (15/20/30Km/h) 12/19/24mph(20/30/40km/h)
Foldable: yes yes yes yes
Feature: lightweight Dual braking Off-road scooter Off-road scooter
Charge times ≥1000 times ≥1000 times ≥3000 times ≥3000 times
Type Honeycomb tire Honeycomb tire Pneumatic tires Pneumatic tires
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iScooter® i11 Front-Wheel Drive 350W Electric Scooter Max Speed 15.5mph(25km/h), Range 15.5miles, 8.5 inch Pneumatic Tires Dual Braking Systems with App

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