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Join the Electric Scooter Revolution!

A folding electric scooter for adults and kids is fast, fun, light-weight, and eco-friendly! Our electric scooters for sale will let you enter a whole new world of modern transportation and contribute to a greener environment!

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Classic E-scooter

i9 Pro

i9 Series is the most popular in our shop, speed 18.6mph 30km mileage Motor 350W with bag, lightweight and easy to fold. With Intelligent cruise control system, enjoy the scenery, make travel no longer monotonous.

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Long range E-scooter


Powered by 36V and a 350W motor, Max electric scooter speed up 15.5mph range 30km, have good shock absorption and anti-slip functions. The built-in charging port can charge your phone. foldable locking frame, front and rear lights, this scooter does not disappoint!

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off road scooter


The iX5 off-road electric scooter is a high-performance, safe and fun electric scooter. The model features a long 40km range and a top speed of 45 km/h. It's the best off-road electric scooter come with the unbeatable price you ever seen.

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IX4 Off Road Electric Scooter

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